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Holistic Healing in The Yorkshire Dales


Are you looking for Holistic Healing in the Yorkshire Dales.  If you are welcome to our Back In Control website.

Do you feel that health issues and reduced wellbeing is holding you back?  Our services aim to support you in getting back in control and to help you to start living your life to the full.

By identifying your individual needs and providing you with the specific support, treatments and self help tools we are confident that we can improve your health and wellbeing, help  free your mind and work with you to achieve your  true inner potential.

If you are stuck in a life of reduced physical or mental health battling your way through each day without the feel good factor no wonder you  feel fed up.  We have been in the same place and know that it is a very challenging existence and not living life as you deserve.  We have a vast knowledge of life based experiences that have led us to study a variety of  therapies and learn self help skills to help us through some challenging times.  Our life experiences include losing people close to us, marriage break ups, single parenthood,  serious injury and survival,  personal and work related stress and ill health.  We have a strong sense of  the importance of regaining better health both physically and mentally to allow us to enjoy life and we wish to extend this knowledge to others to enable you to do the same.

Crystals have been used for many years to heal and bring balance and can assist with health issues, common ailments and first aid remedies. We work with the properties of crystals to match these to individual needs and produce healing bags and healing bracelets, please visit our shop to see what we offer.

Our love of animals has encouraged us to extend our therapy services to our animal friends via Reiki, massage and healing crystals, these treatments can be used to improve physical wellbeing on our pets that mean so much to us.

We are based in Skipton, North Yorkshire and offer a variety of  therapies and stress and anxiety workshops and are committed to supporting  you through this process and  provide you with self help tools you will  need  to get back in control and stay there.

We urge you to take the first step by contacting us to discuss your needs.

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