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Monkey healing is an alternative method of treating ailments and alleviating health and wellbeing issues.  It is believed that crystals hold supernatural powers and can influence our moods, our health, our wellbeing and our lives.  By assessing health needs and choosing the right crystals these energies can target problem areas and assist with wellbeing both physically and psychologically to assist you in getting back in control with your health and your life.

Chrystal therapy treatments, healing bags and healing jewellery are services that we provide.  I have used crystals myself for many years for confidence, healing, strength, resilience and have also trialled crystal combinations with friends, colleagues and others to gain better health.  The use of crystals can be utilised when carrying these around with you in pockets, wearing on jewellery, placing under your pillow or placing on afflicted parts of the body as part of chakra or crystal healing.

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